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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 8, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> she was at home with her uncle who routinely babysat and her brothers wendy uncle found the baby was not breathing. >> [inaudible] >> the 13-year-old ran outside to a police officer yards away. the officer immediately radioed for backup at 5:01 p.m. he began cpr on the baby. the officer -- and a balance was dispatched at george washington university in northwest, 8 miles away from the home in south east. and it was rush hour. >> she never had a chance. >> you have a timeframe to get there. >> the truck got stuck in traffic due to an accident.
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the police officer kept doing cpr and radioed five times demanding to know the whereabouts of the ambulance. >> they did everything they could to save her. >> seven minutes later they dispatched a second fire truck which arrived at 5:14 p.m., but still no ambulance. there were not any other ambulances available to send. the baby was rushed to the medical center where she was pronounced dead. we tried to contact the mayor's office for contact but did not receive any response. we understand that the initial investigation reveals no foul play. thank you for that report.
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a woman is in the hospital after being attacked at a bus stop this morning. the woman was assaulted by a man at franconia road. the search is on for that suspect. gail pennybacker is live from the scene. >> we just saw the woman who got off the bus this afternoon. she says i am hustling home. that is the fear it you have in this neighborhood after what happened this morning behind that burke wall. >> it is really upsetting. >> waiting for a bus and it has become a frightening experience. this woman is standing where a woman did before dawn before she was grabbed and sexually attacked. >> my grandmother wants me to keep her updated. just so she knows i am safe.
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>> it fairfax county police k-9 tracks the path of a man who sexually assaulted a woman. he dragged her behind this park wall and ran away. >> it is scary nailing this can happen. >> and man jogging found a woman and flagged down a police cruiser. the woman describes the man as a heavyset with a white t-shirt. >> this is a well-travelled neighborhood even at 4:30 in the morning. we hope someone will call to give us information. >> neighbors said they never heard about any attack like this before. >> you really hope this is not the beginning of something. >> police detectives say they have not had any attacks like this one before the and are
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letting people know they need to be alert for any future problems. reporting live, gail pennybacker. a volunteer at a high school faces felony charges. the sheriff's deputies say jeremy levoy sent inappropriate tax measures -- inappropriate text messages to a student. he is facing numerous charges. the boy is being held in jail without bond. a colombian man is facing murder charges after he killed his ex-wife and set her apartment on fire. damon white stabbed his wife to death and said her apartment on fire. the suspect was injured in the fire and is still hospitalized.
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as the mayor's race heats up, there are new allegations of buying votes. sam ford is joining us with the latest details. >> a group of young people are crying foul same campaign workers for mayor fenty were offering them jobs of $100 a day if they voted for the mayor. they said they were taken to the polling place and they voted, but the jobs did not come through. >> they just got our boats and rubber dust -- they got our votes and robbed us. >> vans picked them up and told them they could get a job working for the fenty campaign. they registered and voted and the van dropped them off. this young woman had a similar
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story. >> who did you vote for? >> fenty. we did not know who the rest of the people were. >> another youth said it happened to him. >> they offered us a job but it was a hoax. >> we asked williams to call the number that was given him for the john. >> unfortunately i understand how you feel. we were supposed to call in the people. >> she was aware of similar complaints. >> i feel bad. i'm sure a lot of people voted for the money. it is a recession. a lot of people have financial issues. >> the mayor's campaign spokesperson said we would never
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engage in that type of campaign activity. whether it is condoned by the official campaign, young people insist campaign workers are exchanging promises of jobs for votes. the people at the campaign office were not surprised when they got a complaint about it. there is relief from this dry weather. newschopper 7 was out at the scene of a brush fire in prince william county. it closed down two lanes. loudoun county has prohibited open burning. let's go to doug hill. any chance of any relief from this heat? >> the relief from the dry weather may be sunday at the earliest. it is spectacular in the incredibly dry. we have the above 95 degrees for
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the 25th time this summer. we are under a red flag warning. that means fires could start at the flick of a lit cigarette. let's show you what we are dealing with. let's pick fairfax. it is 92 degrees, but the dew point is only 38 degrees. that converts to a humidity of 14%. in frederick, it is 10% relative humidity. these are conditions you see in july in arizona, at not along the potomac river. it will change late tonight as the heat goes away and temperatures dropped by morning into the middle 50's. a lot more coming up. >> a florida pastor is not
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backing down on his plans to burn copies of the koran this weekend. this despite criticism from almost everyone including the pentagon after terry jones says he is moving forward. we spoke about the consequences of this plan. >> terry jones leads a small congregation in gainesville. his plan to burn the koran has gained growing attention as the leaders demand he call of state burning. parishioners gathered in gainesville to pray and hang ribbons. it was a sign of support when the mayor spoke out against terry jones. >> as you can imagine we have received very much pressure in the direction of canceling the at the end. as of this time -- canceling the
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eave vents. -- canceling the event. >> it is very scary. >> this reverend calls jones a small-time pastor seeking attention. this threat is to vicious to ignore. >> as a christian pastor, a is important for me to speak out against it -- it is important for me. >> last night hillary clinton criticized jones. david petraeus once this will endanger u.s. troops -- warns this will endanger u.s. troops. that is what this author has been warning about. he will send the wrong message to muslims. >> i hope he takes the message of jesus of compassion and love, and these notions don't include
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inciting hatred and anger. >> could jones be doing this to increase donations from others to share his views? daughter cameed forward to say he was forced out of his last job because of allegedly stealing funds. coming up, the remains of tropical storm hermine takes aim at texas. >> booster seats put to the test. which ones are the safest? >> a lion on his -- line in las vegas turned on his trainer. >> what is the future of virginia's state
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virginia ashley has a budget surplus this year. -- virginia actually has a budget surplus. >> suzanne kennedy has a reaction to the 4% increase.
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>> the abc store would turn into a private business. that cocktail you order at dinner would cost you more. a change is brewing in the liquor business. up mcdonnell unveiled the plan to privatize liquor sales -- bob mcdonnell unveiled a plan. some question changing the restructuring of a system that has been in place for 75 years. >> if it's not broke, why fix it? >> permanent licenses for 1000 stores would be auctioned off. that would triple the number of liquor stores. the governor proposed this idea during the 2009 campaign, saying money would go to $8 billion in transportation needs. also proposed is a 4% tax on
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liquor. the manager of this bar opposes the idea. >> for people who are losing their jobs, finding it hard to make ends meet, the last thing they need is to be taxed more on something that can help them relax and take their minds off their worries. >> i do go out and it is more money out of my pocket. >> a lot of these small businesses are having problems staying open. increasing costs is not a great move. >> the general assembly will consider this idea in november. if the tax passes, it could go to affect in march. liquor licenses could be available next september. the national mall now has
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free wi-fi. d.c. added 223 wi-fi hot spots. city officials got help from the u.s. department of agriculture to pull that off. a lion trainer recovering after a terrifying experience caught on tape. a 400 lb lion lunges at his trainer in full view of all the visitors. you can see another trainer tries to pull the line of. -- pulley lion off. >> that is a bad situation there. a rash of fires that destroyed dozens of homes is sparking fury from residents. nearly 80 fires swept through neighborhoods.
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the fire's spread faster than firefighters could keep up. it took more than an hour for firefighters to show up. eight people are unaccounted for as work crews continued to battle wildfires in colorado. missing people chose to ignore orders to evacuate their homes. the fires have demolished more than 90 homes north of denver. wildfires are less than 1% contained. we have a lot of dry weather also. >> that is why we have a red flag warning up because the air is so dry. it takes something care less like a spark from a drop or a cigarette, so please be really careful. there is no relief from dry air,
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but let's get you started with a look at the weatherbug stations. we hit 95, but it marks the 25th time this summer we have been 95 or higher. now we have this arizona-like dryness as well. this is unbelievable. i don't remember seeing such combinations around here for many years of being so hot but so dry. 90 degrees in silver spring with a relative humidity around 10%. we will jump to the tropics. there is a new tropical storm east of the atlantic off the coast of africa to find tropical storm igor. there it is. 45 mile per hour winds.
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it will be category two, but it is too early to say if it will make it to the caribbean, just too early to tell. it looks like in a few days we have another category two storm. let's talk about this red flag warning. dew points are much higher. it is much less likely there will be a spontaneous combustion down south. the dry air will be around come up but the relief is down the road. 73 in pittsburgh with crystal clear skies. very hot for us now but the cooler air is on the way. only 66 in detroit. the cooler air will be in the mid 50's in some suburbs. a radical change in the weather
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as this cold front still move south. still tremendous downpours across oklahoma. it would be nice to get some of that here. a cold front may bring a little bit of energy in the form of a shower, but very dry weather and much cooler as high pressure builds in tomorrow. highs only in the upper 70's tomorrow. friday,the mid 70's on so a radical change in the weather. sunday is the next chance for the rain to watch some pollen out of the air. 71 in the city and the rapid drop in temperature is tonight. tomorrow, how about 78 for a high? 76 on saturday and just a chance for showers sunday. back to a seasonal weather early next week. relief from the heat, yes.
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coming up, a decision is made. find out whether all religious displays will be allowed outside one courthouse. >> the new way to save some cash when heading back to college. >> parts of texas und
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tropical depression hermine created massive flight and -- massive flooding. >> we have more on the devastating flooding. >> emergency crews have their hands full trying to rescue residents stranded in homes and in cars. flood waters even swept away several houses. the floodwaters -- flood waters are rising quickly. in northwest austin, witnesses watch a woman does appear. rescue workers spent hours looking for the woman before calling off the search. >> it will be dangerous with any debris floating downstream. >> the situation is so dire that the abc affiliate teamed up with emergency crews to assist with rescues.
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they are using their news chopper. residents have been trapped on the rooftops and even pets are in need of help. >> take a look at this ride in arlington. flash floods have turned roads into rivers. one woman was forced to abandon her car and wait through water waste deep. hermine has dumped 10-15 inches of rain in the past 24 hours. >> you have to be careful out there. there are a lot of areas where is getting pretty deep. >> as waters start to receive, the tropical storm is heading north into oklahoma. coming up, dozens of workers dropped out of -- walked out of george mason university on
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strike. >> costumes revealed on "dancing with the stars." >> will religious displays be going back up at the c
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breaking news from northwest where a tree fell on a car. >> stephen tschida is live from
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the area. >> this is as close as you want to cut it. just a short while ago a vehicle heading along that route had a head on collision with a falling tree. it happened fast. this man had seconds to react. >> the tree just fell. it crossed the entire road. >> he was heading down park road and a tree plunged into his car. if we had not der it would have landed on him. -- if he had not veered it would have landed on him. >> peachtree broke off on its trunk and delayed rush hour traffic and served as a reminder of how dangerous this can be. >> a big enough wind gust.
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>> as far as what brought the tree down, authorities cannot tell whether it was diseased or weekend from some of the severe storms this summer. hollen be displaced will now be allowed -- holiday displays will be allowed outside the courthouse. >> the loudoun county board of supervisors voted to allow displays. >> this was very much a victory for religious groups, especially christians who say they feel pushed out by secularism. you will be seen nativity scenes and other things back up on the courthouse lawn. holiday displays on the courthouse lawn in the leesburg will continue. >> that motion will continue
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with mr. miller opposed. >> the loudoun county board of supervisors agreed a ban would deny residents free-speech. as long as all groups had equal access there is no issue of church state separation. >> this is important for everyone. >> displays mocked the 12 days of christmas last year was vandalized. >> what we have done today is unable entities that seek to threaten people to put up signs that might frighten jurors or witnesses. >> today's vote will probably not stop the debate. >> we think is a right provided to the religious community. >> i guess everybody has a right. >> anyone can apply for a
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display. up to 10 spots are available at a time. half a dozen have been filed. that brings up another concern, whether the lawn will become a clutter of this elite displays and not intended as a public square that highlights a community's values. metro is getting reimbursed for millions of dollars lost during this past winter's blizzards. metro is getting $2 million on top of $1 million the government already handed out. the snowstorms cost metro $12 million. expenses included overtime for labor and supplies. the coast guard has recovered the body of a d.c. man who drowned off the coast of
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ocean city. police say he jumped into the ocean while lifeguards were off duty. a civilian boat found his body 16 miles away from the coast. george mason university is the scene of a workers' strike. [unintelligible] >> about 50 dining service workers gathered to protest unsafe working conditions. this woman says she cut off part of her finger with a cheese slicer. she said employees are only given one safety glove to work with. >> the hand she was using was not protected. she turned off the machine but it caught her finger. >> it turns out to get the second glove the employee had to pay $27.
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replacement workers were brought in in order to keep all cafeterias up and running. the u.s. has a shot at hosting the world cup. fifa soccer inspectors had breakfast at the white house. 18 cities including d.c., baltimore are part of the bid for the 2022 cupp. australia and japan are also in the running. they will vote on december 2. it is official the district is a hot spot for college students. the american institute rank d.c. third on its list of top college cities. they considered a number of things including student diversity, earning potential and city accessibility. baltimore came in at sixth. it is time for a check of the
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traffic situation. it looks like some backups already. >> you will see some slow traffic on i-95 southbound. that will take you down to newington. seeing pretty significant delays in the maryland. it is a very rough day going past college park. this will take you down to the baltimore washington parkway. a big crash on the woodrow wilson bridge on the maryland side. it will probably slow things down significantly. stay on the express lanes and you will encounter no delays. still to come, fake ballots in prince george's county have caught the attention of the attorney general. >> forget expensive college textbooks. how
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the heavy load of college textbooks may be getting later. that is because more bookstores are beginning to offer books for
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rent. whether it is for human anatomy or genetics, at the cost is the same. >> they are definitely scary. >> it is crazy. you might as well take out another mortgage. >> students are bearing the heavy cost of their backs. >> i spent $700. >> this book is $168. this one is $172. >> these students have a new way to get their books without the high prices. this jr. is finally getting her chance to save a few bucks. >> i have been able to rent a book this year. >> a book exchange started rentals in the spring of 2010. the list of books for rent is even longer. >> you are saving money up front
5:41 pm
because the rentals average from half to 55% of. >> this new textbook would sell for $194. in some cases students can still high like parts of the text and turn them in when the semester is over. >> why did it not happen sooner? most students don't keep their books. >> this senior advocates for more affordable college textbooks. he hopes more are available for rent in the future. >> a lot of students don't know that students spend $900 per year on textbooks. that adds up. >> a bookstore manager says they determine which books will be available for rent based on their popularity. if it is a popular vote for the potential to be used again, it
5:42 pm
is more likely to be used for rent. that is still really expensive. >> any way you can cut corners. coming up, is snooki really criminally annoying? >> what is the best booster seat for your child?
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we have the rating of the safest booster seats. >> net cash of barrett joins us with which seat scored the best -- net tosh apparent -- natasha barrett. >> the choices for booster seats can be overwhelming and pricey. >> it is scary because these are so expensive. you think you are buying the right one. >> the insurance institute tested the safety of 72 different boosters seats.
5:46 pm
>> the trouble is there is no standard for high frequency support. >> researchers found 21 mr. seats rated best bets and the eight are not recommended. two from eddie bauer are not recommended. the eight that were not recommend it. >> this mother of three checked the list with us. >> i am glad to see it is not on the not recommended list. >> the problems are similar to the evanflo 65. >> the lap belt is too high on the stomach. >> what should parents do it their booster seat is not recommended? researchers recommend testing d.c. to make sure it fits well
5:47 pm
in the right places. to see the list, go to some breaking news coming out of bowie. newschopper 7 is live over the scene of a brush fire next to a csx train track. it is the second brush fire today. >> teh "jersey shore" staer snooki agreed to becoming -- agreed to the fact that she is criminally annoying. she was under the influence of alcohol when she started disturbing beachgoers. >> i would definitely like to apologize to the cops. when i saw what happened -- i was very embarrassed. i have never been in this
5:48 pm
situation before, so i would like to apologize to anyone i hurt. >> the judge called her a lindsay lohan one of the antisense stir to community service -- and sentenced her to community service. bristol palin promise to dress modestly on "dancing with the stars." she told "people" she will be the most dressed. sporting costumes like this maugre black number. the whole cast has already begun. you can see their moves on monday, september 20. it is a night of comedy on abc 7 prime time. if you had not seen the comedy "modern family," tonight you have a chance. the family is in hawaii but
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things are not going as planned. i am still stuck on the lindsay lohan wannabe. up atsee what is coming 6:00. >> gordon peterson has the look ahead. >> we are following this controversy over the past year talking about burning the koran. richard daley says he will not run for reelection and rahm emanuel said he would like that job. that is coming up at 6:00. thelet's get back to weather. doug hill told us about red flag conditions. >> two fires, what is the latest? >> we will continue this pattern this evening. humidity levels running between 10%-18%.
5:50 pm
that is what it is like in arizona. it is absolutely spectacular, but looks can be deceiving. we will have an issue with finance as a possibility. that is why a red flag advisory is in a fact. the exception is southern maryland where dew points are in the low 60's. these numbers are astounding to me. the low 90's now. the dew points area sa -- are as low as 30 degrees. this is the standing for this location in september, 11% humidity in frederick. 14% in fairfax. let's go to the very tropical. we are looking at another
5:51 pm
tropical storm named igor. expected to be a category two hurricane, but it is too early to begin to talk whether this will be a threat to the british virgin islands. we will let you know there is another one brewing. that is the very latest. back to you. everyone is getting excited about the nfl season. in all kicks off tomorrow with the vikings and the saints. four days and counting for the redskins to play the cowboys. the redskins are 500 in season openers. prior to last season they split their series with dallas. the redskins tried to put the drum up behind them as they rehearse their game plan. brit mchenry has their game plan.
5:52 pm
>> donovan mcnabb took snaps on the football field. he will tell you his absence had little affect on his game. >> you have all week to get back into that. it has only been two weeks. >> the redskins will face one of the strongest pass rushes, but players seem confident jonathan mcnabb will not have a hard time. >> -- continent donovan mcnabb will not have a hard time. >> santana has been a guy that i have seen over the years to has continued to kill us. he still has gas in the tank. >> even with one of the biggest rivalries days away, there is no avoiding albert haynesworth drama,s >> albert is one of our brothers in the locker room.
5:53 pm
he is practicing with us. >> donovan mcnabb ended his career as an eagle with two straight losses, but is ready for this huge rivalry. >> we are fired up. this is a big time rival, so you don't need any more motivation to get ready. >> thank you very much. the nationalists lost a heartbreaker -- the nationals lost a heartbreaker 3-2. the pinch-hitter takes this to right field. the national lewis -- nationals this 3-22 the new york mets can -- nationalslose 3-2. >> up next, fake ballots
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pnc. for the achiever in us all. who is responsible for fake
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ballots in prince george's county? >> the attorney general is getting involved. brad bell has the details. >> you can tell by the signs the primary is coming up. what has everyone riled up are these political ads posing as official ballots. many are saying that the endorsements claimed within have not been given. allegations of campaign shenanigans are echoing across prince george's county. at issue is these official ballots. they feature photos of the local senator and a guide to the candidates those on the cover seemed to endorse. this year one has caught the eye of the attorney general. >> there is fictitious affirmation. this is illegal. >> a judge has issued halting
5:58 pm
of this ballot. one candidate complained because on the cover it teaches -- >> this is about the integrity of the voting process. >> he showed us another ballot that features doug peters pm tje cover. -- on the cover >> it is time we stop this. >> the only person who sees no problem is the man behind the ballot, jerry mathis admits he helped assemble the flyer. he says he has done nothing wrong. >> that is one man's endorsement. the only thing i would say that it is misinterpreted. >> the attorney general says he will not just forget about this
5:59 pm
matter. he is planning an investigation and he is planning to prosecute if there is evidence of a crime. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> i think jesus would not run around burning books, but he would burn this one. >> the controversy is growing around the pastor who plans to burn the holy koran. bp's report after the oil rig explosion that killed 11 people. they explain who they believe is at fault. feeling anxious? we're d.c. ranks in a survey about stress. captioned by the national captioning institute we began with the growing anger over a pastor's plans to we began with the growing anger over a pastor's plans to burn the koran on


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